Five Creative Ministry Tips: August 4th, 2016

04 Aug 2016

Every week, we’re excited to share a five-pack of useful tips for those serving in creative ministry! Each Thursday, we post practical advice on topics such as production, design, leadership, communication, and service planning. While these tips may be simple, they have the potential to radically improve your church. These images are social media ready, so help us spread the word by sharing them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest!


#CrtvMinTip: When you have a person talking on a video, whether it’s your Sunday stream or a promo video, include a brief lower third with their name.
#CrtvMinTip: Maintain a heathy creative diet. Always be looking to places of inspiration for ideas and trending styles.
#CrtvMinTip: Great creatives don’t just think of great ideas, they execute them. Get stuff done.
#CrtvMinTip: Premiere new videos to your church on Sundays. Then, ask everyone to take out their phones to share them from your Facebook page.
#CrtvMinTip: One of the easiest ways to make your services more enjoyable is to include something fun. Plan for this in your messages, music, and announcements.


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Kendall Conner

Kendall Conner serves as the Creative Pastor at Piedmont Chapel in Greensboro, NC. He is a graphic designer, video editor, and all-around media geek, but above all enjoys seeing lives changed. Together with his beautiful wife, Holly, they strive to use media to spread the message of Christ and equip others for ministry.

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