Sunday’s Visual Setlist (5/19)


One of my favorite parts of the week is choosing which motions, stills, and countdown I’ll use for Sunday morning. This week, I used the “Color Filter” collection from Shift Worship. Following their lead, I used a free font called Nexa for my announcement and scripture slides, but I’ve been on a Myriad Pro kick for worship lyrics lately. Overall, it was a great set at our movie theater campus, but our normal shadowed-white text didn’t show up quite as well over these light bg’s at our traditional campus. (However, that’s definitely more of a projector in a bright environment problem. Future post coming soon for a projector replacement I’ve been working on.)

Color Filter Countdown  Color Filter Clouds  Color Filter Large  Color Filter Blank  Color Filter  Color Filter Corner

What content did you use on Sunday?

2 Comments on "Sunday’s Visual Setlist (5/19)"

  1. Ok. I like this. How do you make this work for your announcements? Currently I create a jpeg for each announcement with specific designs for that topic or event. Also, how do you implement the changes in fonts in your worship software? Do you create a new template each week? Shortly after getting here I was able to convince them to part ways with PowerPoint and go to ProPresenter5.

    We have a similar problem with our projector being outdated and needing an upgrade. I have to adjust each slide once I get it done to make sure it has the effect we want. I look forward to your projector post!

    • Kendall Conner says:

      For announcements, I import a still from whatever collection I’m using for the day into Keynote. I design all of my announcement slides and them export jpegs into ProPresenter. Sounds like that’s pretty much what you’re doing.

      For fonts, I create new templates in ProP for each new one. It seems easiest that way – especially when you’re doing multiple songs week to week.

      The projector search has been a difficult journey. Our size auditorium demands a high lumen count and we’re on a limited budget.

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