Sunday’s Visual Setlist (5/26)


This Sunday, I used some of Centerline’s Holy Week Volume 1 and was really satisfied with the atmosphere that they created. I stuck with my go-to lyric font, Myriad Pro Bold, and used Bebas on our pastor’s sermon slide. Feel free to download the sermon graphic (including background and a blank version) here. This design was based off of another freebie that you can find here, but I decided to use colors that matched our motions for the day.

2932_preview_lg 2927_preview_lg 2919_preview_lg  2901_preview_lg 2923_preview_lg Did_God_Really_Say-Title

What media did you use this weekend?

2 Comments on "Sunday’s Visual Setlist (5/26)"

  1. Hi, Just a quick question, do you use one single background throughout all the songs? Our church sometimes does TOO many backgrounds per song, what’s your take on this, or what’s a healthy balance?

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