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Free Vintage Paper Textures


Grab these awesome paper textures from Video Copilot for FREE! They are super high-quality and will work great on graphics or video. You can download these 35 textures here.

Free Winter Video Pack From Dan Stevers


Dan Stevers, who is one of the most talented church media producers out there, just released a brand new pack of FREE winter videos. As you can always expect from Dan’s stuff, these videos look awesome! The pack contains over twenty HD motions that will work great for putting together winter videos or as backgrounds.

You can download them here and be sure to follow Dan on Twitter for future freebies.

I’d also encourage you to check out some of his Christmas videos for your December services.

Free E-Book – Stage Design Starter Kit


Have you heard of If not, prepare for some intense inspiration for making your church’s stage design look awesome! Jonathan Malm has done an excellent job of creating a one-stop shop that does much more than just show you really cool stages, but also gives instruction on how you can make it happen in your own church. You’ll also find on each of the posted designs an estimated cost which is really helpful in deciding which look is right for you.

Jonathan recently put together a really great e-book that teaches how you can get started with church stage design and I knew our TCP readers would benefit from it. It’s got five easy starter designs, as well as some general lighting info. The best part is that it’s absolutely free!

Click here to download your own free copy!

Envato’s Print Designer Bundle


Say hello to Envato’s new Print Designer Bundle! For only $20, you’ll get more than $500 worth of some of the best print design vectors, flyers, textures, and backgrounds that you can you find. This is a great time to stock up on some tools that will definitely come in handy for the graphic design in your church.

The bundle will run for a few more days, so be quick and get your copy now!

*Be warned that some of the included templates have images that obviously would not be used in a church setting. However, the overall value that you’ll get from the other templates is worth the buy. Simply omit the few others.

Find out more and buy here.

Adobe CS6 and the Creative Cloud


Adobe dropped a bomb on the design world with their latest big announcement—the unveiling of Creative Suite 6 and the new Creative Cloud Service. For those of you who have been eagerly anticipating the update, Adobe surely did not disappoint when they showed off all of the new features that they have packed into CS6. Especially from a performance standpoint, this is a big leap forward. Personally, I have been working with CS4 for quite some time now and I am ready for the upgrade!

But what really has everyone stoked—including myself—is their new Creative Cloud service. In my mind, the biggest challenge that comes with Adobe design products besides the amount of time that it takes to learn each application is the massive price tag. While I have been fortunate enough to take advantage of the student discount in years passed, I am now looking at the full price which is enough to make you pass out. ($2,599 for the Master Collection!) This is where the Creative Cloud swoops in to save the day. For $49/month with an annual subscription or $79/month for month-to-month memberships, users can now get full access to any CS6 tool, including Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Premiere, and After Effects. With Creative Cloud, you’re able to download all of the CS6 applications on up to two computers and have access to any updates that become available. Even greater, students and teachers are able to grab the subscription service for only $29.99/month. Current CS3, CS4 and CS5.5 users will also qualify for a special introductory offer of $29.99/month. This is a great way to have access to the most powerful design software on the market and save some money along the way.

Oddly enough, Adobe hasn’t announced an actual launch date for these updates and new services yet. According to yesterday’s announcement, however, these products “are scheduled to be available within 30 days.” You can check out Creative Suite 6 here and the Creative Cloud here.

Source: http://www.adobe.com