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Five Fresh Freebies You’ll Love

Five Fresh Freebies

Below are five freebies that we found around the web this week and thought they could be really useful in your church. Keep in mind that we regularly share freebies like these as we find them on both our Facebook and Twitter, so be sure to follow us! Enjoy!

Just Sayin' Sermon Series Package  Line Motions
Circle Motions LED Rubik Theme Pack Devotional Stock Video

Just Sayin’  //  Sermon Series Package from
Line Motions  //  Motion Backgrounds from Seeds
Circle Motions  //  Motion Backgrounds from Seeds
LED Rubik  //  Theme Pack from Worship House Media
Man & His Devotion  //  Stock Video Clip from Lightstock

Have you found any other cool freebies recently? Share them with us in the comments below! Does It Again


Yesterday, and YouVersion made a huge announcement that they would be releasing a new Bible app just for kids before the end of the year. I’ve come to expect nothing but great things from this church. Their original Bible app is one of the most downloaded smartphone applications in the world. But, it was only when I visited their website and saw the full details of the app that I fully understood how much of a big deal this was going to be. It looks incredible! This actually looks fun, it’s interactive, and the illustration style matches the current animation trends that kids are used to. It’s going to be a hit.

I’ve noticed several things about the folks at over the past few years and this announcement just confirms them even more. They are passionate about bringing the Gospel to the people. They have led the Church in a digital revolution that has made God’s Word accessible to people in ways like never before. Whether it’s YouVersion, Church Online, or simply downloadable resources, they have put tools in the hands of other ministries so that we can all tell the Goods News better in the digital age. The best part? They aren’t in it for profit. There is no mention of a cost on the new app for kids, but I would be REALLY surprised if it wasn’t free. I believe one of biggest reasons that their church has made such a huge impact is by offering their resources at no cost. It not only blesses people by getting the Word out at no expense to the user, but I think it also sends a “it’s not about us” message that is becoming increasing rare.

It would do all of us some good to take some notes from these methods. What creative projects could you do to bring the Good News to where the people are in your community? How can you better equip others to get into the Word? What resources do you have that you could share with other ministries?

Inspiration: Hillsong “Young & Free” Visuals


I’m a longtime Hillsong fan. I’ve always been impressed by their heart for worship and innovative spirit. They have influenced the Church in so many ways over the years and set the bar for excellence in multiple areas of ministry. Their latest addition to their collection of worship bands, Young & Free, has gotten a lot of recent attention–and rightfully so. They have a great album that is both meaningful and exciting. It’s great to see a worship band rising up that is focused on the new generation of youth in the same way that United impacted me at that age.

I was really inspired by the visuals in this concert video that they recently uploaded. They have a look that really reminds me of the old intro to Saved By The Bell, but with a new-school feel. If you haven’t seen these videos, prepare to be taken aback at first. Expect for it to be very different than your typical Sunday morning media. But also take time to appreciate that they are targeting a specific age group and doing it really well. Pay special attention to the style of the lyrics on the side screens—I thought they were really neat.

“Trust In You” Kid’s Song Video


I stumbled upon this freebie a couple of days ago on North Point’s website and thought you guys might enjoy it. Videos like this make it really easy to have a worship experience in your Kid’s Ministry – even if you don’t have a music team. You’ll see very quickly how a song like this can bring excitement to your kids.

Direct download link   •  More resources from North Point

Free Motion of the Month – June ’13


This month, we’ve teamed up with Church Motion Graphics and they’re hooking you up with an awesome motion that will work perfect in your services this Summer. This background has become one of my favorite motions in my arsenal and it’s quite often a go-to for me whenever I’m running media on the fly. I downloaded it as a part of their Monthly Mega Pack, which you should definitely check out for great media for a low price.

This download includes HD and SD versions for PC & Mac, as well as JPEG stills.
This motion is free to download, but please do not redistribute. (Please link back to this page.)

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