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Six Qualities of A Perfect Motion Background

Six Qualities of a Perfect Motion Background

Did you know that there are nearly 17,000 motion backgrounds available for download today? The amazing thing is that number only includes motions that were specifically created to be used in ministry settings. There’s no shortage of selection when you’re shopping for backgrounds to display behind your church’s worship lyrics. However, not all motions are created equal. There are certain qualities that you should look for before spending your ministry’s money on this content.

Here are six qualities that should be non-negotiable when choosing your motion backgrounds:

1. Clean and Modern Design

It seems right to begin this list with the first characteristic that makes or breaks a motion for me. The very purpose of a background is to make slides visually pleasing. Part of looking good is following current design trends. Ditch the doves, hi-tech themes, and waterfalls, then choose motions that fit in with today’s styles.

2. Designed To Work With White Text

I would estimate that around 90% of lyrics being projected in churches on Sundays are using white text. Why? It works best for visibility. White is the brightest color you can get out of projector, it stands out from other colors, and it’s easy to read. The best motions avoid light colors and bright animations that would make white text difficult to see.

3. Animations Are Engaging, Not Distracting

Have you ever seen a motion that seemed like it drank a couple Redbulls before service? While animations provide a great way to create an engaging atmosphere, you must be careful that they aren’t too distracting. The perfect motion’s animations flow with music and add value to the environment without taking away from the moment.

4. Colors Are Rich and Vibrant

My favorite motion backgrounds seem like they come alive when they’re projected. Rich, vibrant colors look amazing when they’re shown on good projectors. Also, when you’re working with cheaper projectors, they are sometimes the only saving grace that allow your lyrics to show up at all.

5. Loop Matches Up Perfectly

All motions should be designed to perfectly loop. The end of the video should flawlessly line up with the beginning to create a seamless animation that could repeat infinitely without your audience ever knowing it looped once. Unfortunately, I’ve seen quite a few backgrounds that haven’t been up to par in this department. This is why it’s so important to get your motions from experienced producers who know what they’re doing.

6. Works Well With Other Media

Great motion backgrounds are designed to work well with other media you may be using on a Sunday morning. It may come in pack with several coordinating backgrounds and countdowns, or it may just have colors that make it play nice with a lot of other content in your media library. In a best case scenario, all of your media used throughout the service will match and carry a common theme.

Do you have any other qualities that you look for when selecting motion backgrounds? Let us know in the comments below or send us a tweet to @CreativePastor!

Free Motion of the Month – July ’14

Free Motion of the Month - July '14

This month, we’ve partnered with our friends over at Playback Media and they’re hooking you up with an awesome motion that is going to look great in your services. Be sure to check out their memberships for more motions like these at an affordable price!

This freebie is only available for the month of July 2014.
This download includes HD, SD, and still versions.
This motion is free to download, but please do not redistribute. (Please link back to this page.)

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Free Motion of the Month – June ’14


This month, we’ve teamed up with our friends at Igniter Media and they’re hooking you up with an awesome motion that is going to look killer in your services. I first saw this motion in a live worship experience and it immediately stood out to me. I really love how it blends modern shapes with nature. Be sure to check out their website for more motions, stills, and mini-movies.

This freebie is only available for the month of June 2014.
This download includes HD, SD, and still versions.
This motion is free to download, but please do not redistribute. (Please link back to this page.)

To get this free motion, simply subscribe to receive our weekly email newsletter. You’ll receive your download link via email within the hour.

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Creative Ministry Toolbox: Media Subscriptions

I’ve been involved in church media for over ten years now. One of the best decisions I’ve made in my journey has been a shift from purchasing individual pieces of content to all-inclusive subscriptions.

Individual motions can cost up to $13 each now. Seriously? Ain’t nobody got the budget for that! And what about mini-movies? $20 videos add up fast when you use them as a regular part of your preaching.

If your church is going to use media each week, the most logical choice is to invest in a subscription service. While there are several producers offering programs like this, I personally use two of them – Centerline New Media’s Complete Subscription and Church Motion Graphics’ Monthly Mega Pack.

While both of these companies do advertise with TCP, this blog post is not a paid endorsement. These subscriptions are actually in my creative ministry toolbox and I legitimately love using these products. I can solidly say that I’d recommend these to any church.

Here are three reasons why I love these subscriptions:

1. You Save A Ton of Money

A full subscription to Centerline will only cost you $200/year for a virtually unlimited supply of mini-movies, countdowns, motions, and stills. (They’ve even recently started including Photoshop sermon slides.) CMG’s Monthly Mega Pack is only $10 per month or $99/year and includes a fresh pack of motions, stills, and a new countdown each month. You’ll have great content each week without breaking the bank.

2. Consistency In Your Services

If you’re projecting lyrics, scripture, and sermon points in your services, they need to follow a common theme, color palette, and style. These subscriptions make this easy by providing matching motions, countdowns, and stills. You can easily start your service with their stills for announcement slides, flow into a coordinating countdown, use their motions for worship lyrics, and finish up with their stills for sermon slides. This coordination communicates intentionality and professionalism.

3. The Variety Will Stretch You

Both of these producers release new content each month, so you’re able to grow a diverse media library very quickly. They’re both devoted to stretching themselves to create new content outside of the norms and that has stretched me, too. Before signing up for these subscriptions, I tended to use only one particular style of media. Looking back, this was a recipe for boredom. These subscriptions have allowed me to try new things and experiment with different kinds of looks in our services.


TCP Tip: As I’ve served in a creative ministry role under several lead pastors, I’ve learned that it’s always easier to present a larger one-time cost than multiple smaller expenses. Your leaders will feel much better about purchasing a subscription for the year than multiple random expenses throughout the year.

Find out more about Centerline’s subscription here and about CMG’s Monthly Mega Pack here.

Do you use either of these subscriptions? Let us know in the comments below!

Five Creative Ministry Tips: 5/8/14

We’re excited for round three of our new, weekly list of useful tips for those serving in creative ministry! Each Thursday, you can expect to see practical advice on media, social networking, design, and marketing. While these tips may be simple, they have the potential to radically improve your church. These images are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram ready, so help us spread the word by sharing them with your followers!

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Have any other creative ministry tips that you’d recommend? Let us know in the comments below!