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New eBook: Developing A Series


The year of the ebook continues! Church Media blogger, Jonathan Malm, just released a new guidebook for planning, branding, and marketing an effective sermon series. Developing A Series does a great job of outlining a step-by-step guide to planning and executing a great sermon series. Some of my favorite parts were the snippets of wisdom from different churches on what they’d done in their ministries. This ebook is packed with do’s and don’ts – the exact kind of content that you’d hope to find in a guide like this. And it only costs $2.99!

Chapter topics include:
Why your church should do sermon series’.
How to break down a complex and obscure concept into an easily brand able series idea.
The importance of developing a unified visual theme for your sermon series.
Planning individual messages, illustrations, and sermon titles.
How to brand your sermon series so it’s memorable.
Getting the word out about your sermon series.
A discussion on planning ahead and how far ahead is far enough.
Using pop-culture brands to assist in branding your series.

You can get the e-book in two different formats: Amazon Kindle and iBooks.

Purchase Amazon Kindle version from Amazon. (Also readable on Windows/Mac machines.)
Purchase iBooks version from iTunes. (Also readable on Mac OSX machines.)

FREEBIE: Along with the release of this ebook, Jonathan released a free, printable sheet to help you keep track of your sermon series planning. It will help you keep track of and organize your thoughts and ideas. Download this planning sheet here.

Freebie: “Move To The Center” Motion


I recently stumbled across this super-useful announcement motion that I just had to share with you guys. I’ve had the need for something like this for years, but never found a way to properly say “MAKE ROOM!” This should work really well in Christmas services that are coming up as crowds get larger, but will be good to have on standby throughout the year.

Download this freebie here.

Would you use something like this in your services?

Forty Fresh, Free Fonts


Whether you’re creating sermon graphics, lyric slides, or printed materials, designer fonts are one of the most beneficial items in your Church Media tool belt. Any time that you can pick up some free ones to add to your arsenal is a good day. Well, today is a GREAT day. I recently stumbled across this giant list of forty designer fonts that are absolutely free. Feels a little like Christmas morning, right?

Check out this massive list here.

Here are a few that stood out to me:

langdons  mohavecantert  onlyyoubaron  salt

Check out the list and tell us which one is your favorite!

Four Creative Layouts For Scripture Slides


I always find it interesting to see how churches arrange their slides for their sermon presentations. In most cases, the arrangement of your slides for titles, points, and scriptures is not so much about right-vs-wrong as it is about preference. As long as the information that you’re presenting is clearing visible to your audience, the rest is open for personal style. Here are four layouts that I’ve used when creating slides specifically for displaying scripture in our sermon presentations. I tend to bounce back and forth between these styles depending on the sermon graphic, but you’ll notice that I always try to keep it simple. You can pull these styles off in PowerPoint, Keynote, ProPresenter, or just about any other presentation software.

(Each of these sermon graphics are available for download by clicking on the slides below.)

(Font – Century Gothic Bold)

(Font – Bebas Neue)

(Font – Helvetica Neue Condensed Bold)

Font – Myriad Pro Semibold)

How do you arrange your scripture slides in your presentation?

Free Motion of the Month – June ’13


This month, we’ve teamed up with Church Motion Graphics and they’re hooking you up with an awesome motion that will work perfect in your services this Summer. This background has become one of my favorite motions in my arsenal and it’s quite often a go-to for me whenever I’m running media on the fly. I downloaded it as a part of their Monthly Mega Pack, which you should definitely check out for great media for a low price.

This download includes HD and SD versions for PC & Mac, as well as JPEG stills.
This motion is free to download, but please do not redistribute. (Please link back to this page.)

To get this free motion, simply subscribe to receive our blog posts via email. You’ll receive your download link via email within the hour.